Grilling Advice from USDA for the Weekend

July 5, 2013

Grilling advice, many may say a lot of it is common sense, but the United States Department of Agriculture is making sure those cooking out this weekend are doing so properly.

Kathy Bernard with the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service offers advice on how to avoid cross contamination of cooked food.

“You want to be really careful when you take your meat from the grill that you don’t put it on the same plate that held your raw meat”, said Bernard. “Either wash the plate in-between or have a clean plate or platter to put your finished grilled items on.”

She says it’s the same exact story pretty much for your cooking utensils.

“It’s a good idea to wash them in between as well, or have another pair, which would be ideal if you are away from your home, because it is hard to wash things when you are at a campsite or something”, said Bernard.

Bernard says that an easy thing to do is to just use paper products to put your finished meats on to reduce the chances even more of cross contamination.

The Independence Day weekend is one of the most popular times for American’s to cook or grill out.

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