Hard Work Paying Off for Old Rock Gym

October 1, 2012

Work being done at the entrance of the Rock Gym.

After nearly a decade of work, the Old Rock Gym is coming back to life on October 13th, which is next Saturday.

Back in 2003 the Elbert County Historical Society formed the Rock Gym Steering Committee. The group’s purpose was to save the building after rumors swirled that the gym was to be demolished.

Dr. Joyce Davis is Co-Chair on the committee, and talks about areas that have been improved at the gym.

“We have completely repaired the roof to prevent leaks; we have also cleaned out the basement, auditorium, and upstairs.  The only part hat has been renovated for use is the auditorium in the central part of the building on the main floor”, said Dr. Davis.

The work at the gym has been funded through grant money, as well as numerous donations from those who want to see the building returned to its former glory. The main purpose of the renovated Rock Gym will be to serve as a convention center for Elbert County and the City of Elberton as well.

The grand opening ceremony will take place on October 13th, and will be broken into two different ceremonies. The first will take place in the morning beginning at 9:00am, and it will be a formal recognition of all the hard work that has been put in for the project by all those involved. The second portion of the opening ceremony will start at noon, and will feature a more celebratory atmosphere as there will be dance contests, cake walks, and a raffle to top the event off.

The renovated Rock Gym will feature brand new wooden floors.