Harlem Ambassadors Deliver Good Message Last Night

March 12, 2013

The Harlem Ambassadors were in town last night at the Inferno to take on members of the Elbert County community.

Donna Seymour is with the Elberton Kiwanis club, and said there was a better crowd than she expected.

“I think it went great, and I think we had a better turnout than I expected with the soccer games and baseball practice going on”, said Seymour. “The volunteers for the event were awesome.”

The Elbert County Shooting Stars were defeated pretty easily at the hands of the Ambassadors, but Seymour says it’s not necessarily about winning or losing, but rather about the message the Ambassadors are presenting.

“One thing about the Ambassadors is that you can not be apart of the team unless you graduate college and don’t use drugs or alcohol”, said Seymour. “I think events like this one really impact the smaller kids.”

She says that hopefully the Ambassadors will be back in town at some point next year, when that is however, has not been determined.