Hart County Man Arrested in Connection with Three Large Burglaries

February 20, 2014

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


Sheriff Mike Cleveland said the arrest came Monday night after a stolen car and two other items were recovered.

Cleveland said the car was found in Franklin County where the suspect had allegedly taken it to be repainted.

“We got a early model Cutlass, the kind they like to refurbish,” Cleveland said. “The car was actually in a garage in Franklin County. The suspect had brought it in there and said he wanted it painted and fixed up.”

Investigators also recovered two other large items Monday night that had been stolen over the weekend.

“We got a jet ski that was stolen over the weekend from Stancil Drive in the Reed Creek area, and we also recovered a camper that was stolen in the county just a few days earlier. About 10p Monday night, we wrapped it up and we had the camper, the Jet Ski and the car.”

Cleveland said all three items were taken from three different victims.

Arrested Monday was Brian Rolland, age unknown.

Rolland is charged with three counts of Theft By Receiving Stolen Property.

Cleveland said Rolland claims he got the items from someone else, but would not elaborate.