Hart County Man Pleads Guilty to 2006 Shooting Rampage

December 4, 2012

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


More than six years since the crime occurred, the son of Hart County Commission Chair RC Oglesby pleads guilty to going on a shooting rampage at a Hartwell hamburger stand.

On Friday, 38-year old Frederick L. Oglesby plead guilty to three counts of felony aggravated assault and two counts of criminal damage to property in the first degree.

During testimony Friday, both the defense and prosecution said the delay in Oglesby’s trial had to do with the fact that he is in renal failure and this year suffered a setback when his body rejected a kidney transplant.

Oglesby’s attorney Tim Healey told the court his client is no longer a candidate for another transplant and has only a short time to live. Healey called a psychologist who interviewed Oglesby after the shooting.

Dr. Greg W. Jordan told the court Oglesby suffers from Bi-Polar disease and was on a strong dosage of prednisone at the time of the shooting.

Jordan said one side effect of prednisone includes wide mood swings, including bursts of uncontrollable anger.

In issuing his decision, Superior Court Judge Daniel Craig said the case was not a case for a prison sentence.  Craig said as a society, we’re called upon to be responsible. We have to think. Even if it doesn’t fit with popular opinion.

Taking his illness into consideration, the judge then sentenced Oglesby to ten years probation on the aggravated assault charges and ten years on the criminal damage to property charges.

However, the judge told Oglesby he must continue to take his medication, have no contact with the victims, attend all doctors appointments, and make restitution totaling $3,000.

Craig said if Oglesby violated even one of the conditions of probation, he would spend the rest of his sentence in prison.