Hartwell Will Have a New Mayor After Tuesday’s Election

November 7, 2013

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


The big race in Hart County was in the City of Hartwell, where voters ousted in incumbent mayor Jennifer Scott after just one term.

Former County Commissioner Brandon Johnson stepped over three other challengers to take the mayor’s seat with a vote of 395.

Scott received the fewest votes at just 98.

Challengers, former city councilmen David Little got 149 votes and Mike Gordon received 100 votes.

At a recent Hart County Chamber sponsored Eggs & Issues breakfast, Johnson said there needs to be more concrete planning for economic growth.

“We need a, put-down-on-paper plan for manufacturing, retail, commercial, and tourism growth,” he said. “We need to put a plan together that we can look at, follow, and everybody get behind so that we don’t have so much of these people want this and this group wants that. We need to be all together. I think that’s first and foremost.”

Johnson also said he also plans to ask the city council to form a pro-business task force to work with the Chamber to promote tourism and growth.

In the Hartwell City Council race, there was only one contested race.

Incumbent Tray Hicks won easily over his challenger, Mary Beth Focer with a vote of 413 to Focer’s 240 votes.

Incumbent councilmen, Bill Griggs, Billy Ethridge, and Arthur Craft ran unopposed and will also serve another term.