Implementation of New Animal Control Ordinance Going Well

August 16, 2012

Back on June 1st the City of Elberton’s new Animal Control Ordinance went into effect for Elberton residents.

According to City Animal Control Officer Jimmy Jones, the implementation of the new Ordinance as gone extremely well.

“Actually it is going very well; we are getting a lot of positive feedback from our new animal control ordinance.” said Jones. “We are getting a lot of phone calls from people inquiring about what they changes are, and what they need to do. A lot of people are really excited about what we are doing.”

Jones said that there are a handful of people out there who are not as cooperative as others when it comes to the new Ordinance.

“We have some people that we have talked to, and we are giving out warnings when we first approach those people, so we aren’t just going out there and throwing tickets at them. Those who I have talked to that are not compiling, they can expect to receiving violations very soon. I am following up with the contacts that I have made and am making sure they are abiding by the new ordinance.” said Jones.

A full copy of the new Animal Control Ordinance can viewed or printed online at the City of Elberton’s website. Just visit, and click on Code of Ordinances.

You can also go by Elberton City Hall and pick up a copy of the Animal Control Ordinance.