Is It Fall? The Leaves Colors Tell a Different Story

October 3, 2013

We are indeed in the fall season, though if you glance outside you might not think that given the amount of green leaves still remaining on trees.

Typically what has been seen in the southeast region is a quick transition into the fall colors, State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey explains how that happens.

“If you get that initial real cool snap, things will speed up dramatically in terms of how color goes, as temperature has a lot to do with it”, said Murphey.

That leaves the answer pretty obvious as to why we haven’t seen many fall colors just yet, but Murphey explains the scenario we are currently facing.

“Typically on these kind of summers leading into fall, if you can spread out your rainfall and gradually decrease into the cooler temps, you will get a changeover that last longer and the colors will eventually start happening”, he explained.

Rainfall and temperatures have not been a problem, as Elbert County has received over twelve inches of rainfall over the average amount, and regarding temperature, Elbert County was one of the coolest counties during the summer, averaging temperatures of 72.5 degrees.