Issues Arise with Work from Old Rock Gym Rennovations

April 25, 2013

Not long after the renovations were completed at the Old Rock Gym towards the end of last year, a number of issues have come up regarding some of that work that took place.

According to County Administrator Bob Thomas, no real work as taken place at the gym since the end of October, and between then and the present, a substantial punch list has been made concerning the work that was done after an inspection by the county.

He said the city tried to contact the contractor towards the end of January concerning the utility bill, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

The current utility bill is roughly nineteen hundred dollars, which Thomas feels the county is not responsible for.

“I don’t feel like that we owe this, as nothing was ever said to the county saying we were responsible for the utilities, and nothing was ever sent in writing that they were completed”, said Thomas. “So it is my contention, as well as the architect’s that we’re not responsible for it, because they haven’t completed the project.”

During a called meeting earlier this week, Commissioner Horace Harper asked about some of the work in question, and Thomas gave a breakdown of the issues the county has.

“The wooden floor that they put down started buckling up, there is a lot of painting that still has to be done, there are some doors that are not shutting properly, there are some bathrooms that are not completed, and the electrical is not completed as some of the lights do not work”, explained Thomas.

A motion was made by the commission to put the nineteen hundred dollar utility bill on the contractor to pay for, and that motion passed with a unanimous vote.

The commissioners will now explore the option of completing the unfinished work with the left over funds that were designated for the Old Rock Gym project.