Kantner Named Utilities Engineer for Northeast Georgia

August 29, 2012

Neil Kantner

The Georgia Department of Transportation announces the hiring of a White County man as Utilities Engineer for the twenty-one counties in Northeast Georgia which make up GDOT’s District Number One.

Neil Kantner was named as Utilities Engineer in a press release yesterday afternoon from the Georgia Department of Transportation. Teri Pope, a Communications Officer with GDOT, runs down some of the responsibilities that Mr. Kantner will be handling.

“The utilities engineer is responsible for coordinating construction and maintenance activities with over 150 utility companies in north east Georgia. If there is a widening project, or some kind of improvement, the utility companies have to move those lines. So, the utilities engineer is responsible for coordinating that work.” said Pope.

Kantner has worked with DOT since 1997 after working as an engineer consultant for 20 years. His recent work includes the design of the Cleveland Bypass in White County.

He is a graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering in 1976. He earned his Professional Engineer’s license in 1981.