Keep a Sharp Eye to Help Prevent Theft

April 4, 2013

A recent spike in burglaries, felony theft by takings, and misdemeanor theft by takings, has prompted the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office to help make the public aware of ways to help prevent these acts from happening.

With springtime here, many residents will begin to take more vacations and extended stays away from their homes.

Investigator Lt. Darren Scarborough says that if you plan on leaving, to give your neighbors a heads up that you are doing so.

“It doesn’t have to be vacation, if you are just out of town over night or whatever, let someone know who should or shouldn’t be coming to your house”, said Scarborough. “That’s a very big plus for us, as the citizens help us and the police department protect our community.”

He says that if you have a neighbor that is away from their home and you see something out of place, don’t hesitate to contact the sheriff’s office.

“Vehicle descriptions and tag numbers is very essential to helping us out”, said Scarborough. “If they see a vehicle come in that looks out of place, see if you can at least get us a tag number.”

Over ten burglaries, felony theft by takings, and misdemeanor theft by takings were reported over the Easter holiday weekend according to reports from the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.