Keep Elbert County Beautiful Seeks Positive Relationship with City of Elberton

August 7, 2013

The most recent stop for the Keep Elbert County Beautiful train was at Monday evening’s regular meeting of the Elberton City Council.

A representative from the organization was present at the Bowman City Council meeting last month, and the group is continuing to try and receive support from all the governing bodies in Elbert County.

Speaking on behalf at the group during the Elberton Council meeting, Emmit Harris is hopeful for a solid relationship with the City of Elberton.

“We’re hoping that we can have a friendly relationship with the city, we would like for someone from the city to be a representative on our board if possible”, said Harris.

While before council, Harris also asked if the city would possibly consider providing some in-kind service to the organization.

He explained to the council what kind of service they are looking for.

“If we’re having some type of function like the Keep American Beautiful clean-up, we would be requesting stuff like gloves or water”, explained Harris. “Any type of in-kind help we will accept.”

The Keep Elbert County Beautiful organization is expected to become affiliated with the Keep Georgia and Keep America Beautiful groups on November 14th.

Harris said as apart of the process, members have scouted nearly two hundred miles of roadway to determine how big the littering problem is on Elbert County roads.

He also said that the more people they can get involved, the better chance this program will have for success in the county.