Last Weekend of ‘The Stone Cutters’ at the Old Rock Gym

February 28, 2014

After a great opening weekend, Savannah River Productions is looking for a bigger and better crowd later this evening for their second weekend of performing in Elbert County.

The Stone Carvers, a musical by Kay Legg and Andrea Bradford, made its debut at the newly renovated Rock Gym last week, and will again be the show to be performed this weekend.

Speaking on WSGC’s morning show earlier this week on Monday, Andrea Bradford said it was a great opening weekend and experience.

“We had all new lighting, sound, and technical stuff and it’s an original play, so you get a little nervous hoping it all comes together, and it really did, and everything just went so well”, said Bradford. “I was just really proud of our show.”

The dinner and show aspect of the play will again be featured this evening.

Tickets for those wanting the full on dine in experience are available at a cost of $40 for adults, $25 for students, and $35 for groups of eight or more; those tickets must be purchased in advance of the show.

Show only tickets are also available and cost $20 for adults, $5 for students, and $18 for groups of eight or more.

Tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday are the days the show will be performed this weekend.

Dinner this evening and on Saturday begins at 6:00pm, the show follows at 7:30pm and on Sunday no food will be served and the show begins at 3:00pm.

To purchase advance tickets you can contact Savannah River Productions at (706) 376-7397.