Lavonia Police Chief Warns of Social Security Scam

June 18, 2014

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


Lavonia Police Chief Bruce Carlisle is warning citizens to aware of a possible Social Security scam.

Carlisle said he was recently notified by the Social Security confirming his online account – but Carlisle said he never set up the account.

“But the strange part is, whoever set up that account knew the answer to those questions,” Carlisle said. “The representative was able to verify that someone else had opened that account in my name. The account was deactivated and I was advised to immediately open another account to prevent further fraud.”

Carlisle said he went over with the Social Security representative a series of personal questions that only he would know in order to verify his identity.

Carlisle said Social Security was able to verify that someone else had opened that account in his name.

The account was deactivated and he was advised to immediately open a true account to prevent further fraud.

Carlisle said he’s concerned about others who may already be drawing Social Security or getting ready to do so.

“I’m not drawing social security or disability, but someone who is drawing social security could fall victim to this,” he said. “The concern is, another person could set up an online account and then change the financial institution and divert their benefits to that new account and get their benefits.”

On the Social Security Web site, they do warn of a phishing scam in which people are sent an email, supposedly from Social Security, asking people to set up a personal account.

If you are not certain that an E-mail you received came from Social Security or one of their marketing partners, DO NOT click the links.

Instead go directly to the Social Security website,, and click on the “My Social Security” icon.