Lavonia Teachers Receive Active Shooting Demonstration

January 14, 2013

Teachers look on during the demonstration.

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


Lavonia Elementary school teachers now have a better idea of whom and what is available to them in the event of an emergency, such as the shooting that occurred at an elementary school last month in Connecticut.

Last week, teachers were introduced to a host of emergency and safety personnel during a morning session.

Led by Lavonia assistant police chief Matt London, a trained team of officers wearing masks and bullet –proof vests showed the teachers how they would clear classrooms and hallways if an active shooter were on campus.

Police Chief Bruce Carlisle organized the day long session for teachers and staff, and said afterwards in the event of an active shooter situation, his officers can be at the school within minutes.

“That’s active shooting. The response time might have been a little exaggerated today, but it’s not much different. Two minutes and we’re here and it’s over in five minutes,” Carlisle said.

Franklin County Middle School Principal Lucy Floyd attended the demonstration.

She said it’s good to know so much help is available.

“This was very helpful,” Floyd said. “Especially in making plans for our own building, we think this will be very helpful.”

Last week’s demonstration by the Lavonia Police was part of an overall plan by the Franklin County School system to increase its safety and security procedures.