Local Businesses Should Keep a Sharp Eye for Counterfeit Money

September 11, 2012

There have been a few cases of phony one hundred dollar bills floating around in Elberton, and with Fall closing in; that means that local businesses and restaurants will see more business during football season, and then again during the holiday shopping period.

It is important that business owners check and make sure the currency they are receiving is legitimate.

Major Mike Seymour with the Elberton Police Department details what to look for to verify that the money is indeed real.

“One of the things that you can do is use the marking pen that identifies the paper as being the correct type of paper”, said Seymour. “Another thing they can look for is the visible security thread in the bill, and the water mark images in the bill.”

Seymour said that if anyone is suspicious that they may have received a counterfeit bill, they can contact their local law enforcement office.

“If you run across a bill that does not have these features and the paper doesn’t feel right, you can report it to local law enforcement, and we will turn that bill over to the secret service”, said Seymour.

So far, most cases of counterfeit money in Elbert County and the city of Elberton have involved fake one hundred dollar bills.