Local Church and City of Elberton Discussing Ownership of Property in Lincoln Heights

February 5, 2014

The City of Elberton and the Church of Christ located off of Campbell Street are at ends over a piece of property located in the Lincoln Heights Cemetery.

Scott Glaze, representing the church, spoke to the Elberton City Council Monday evening about a .8 acre plot of land in the cemetery, where in the past, the city had buried people.

According to Glaze, the land was purchased by the church in 1962, and he said the church is just looking to sell the land to the city.

“So we went back to some of the older members and they said that land belongs to us, we looked into it and are trying to sell it to the city, and be done with it, because we don’t want to deal with the cemetery”, said Glaze.

Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn spoke to the issue and said the city would be willing to take over the deed for the plot, but had no interest in purchasing the property.

“There is a triangle of land that is in the name of Church of Christ that is in the fenced area, and they’ve asked the city if we would like to buy that from them”, said Dunn. “We said we would try and get the title right if they didn’t want to hold title to it anymore, but as far as buying it we wouldn’t be interested. After talking with our attorney, it has been apart of the cemetery for forty years.”

Elberton Mayor Larry Guest said he wanted the City Manager and City Attorney Chris Phelps to sit down with Mr. Glaze and try and come to an understanding on the issue, before taking it any further.

Glaze agreed to the meeting, and said that the church just wanted to resolve the issue peacefully if possible.