Local Law Enforcement Reacts to Newtown Incident

December 18, 2012

As six Newtown, Connecticut schools reopen this morning after the tragic events of Friday, you can bet that school security will be a top priority.

In Elbert County, there are a few preventive programs in place to prevent school violence says Elberton Police Chief Mark Welsh.

“One of our biggest preventive measures that we have sued to good effect is that children who see or hear something that makes them uncomfortable, that they tell someone”, said Chief Welsh. “That’s part of the training that has been going on in our school system, and it works. So, we will continue that program.”

The police department has been doing what they can over the last couple of days to help reassure Elbert County students that they are here to protect them.

“In light of what happened in Newtown”, explained Chief Welsh, “we have the officers going through the schools walking and talking to some of the kids to let them know that help and protection is out there.”

Chief Welsh says that their hearts hang heavy for the victims and their families in Newtown.

“As we go through this horrible event and watch the funerals that occur, just keep your thoughts and prayers to those people in Newtown, Connecticut as they go through this”, said Chief Welsh.

Welsh also said that patrol officers routinely check each school’s entrances and grounds to make sure nothing unusual is happening on campus.