Local Law Enforcement Still Investigating Tree Scammer Cases

January 31, 2013

Investigators with the Elberton Police Department and Elbert County Sheriff’s Office are still following leads on a couple of scam cases.

Two victims, one in the city and one in the county, reported similar encounters with a white male supposedly in his fifties claiming to be a tree removal subcontractor.

The suspect lured each of the victims out of their homes to discuss yard work. By the time the victims made it back inside, they noticed various amounts of cash and items were missing.

Investigators believe multiple people are involved with the scam, and Elbert County Sheriff Melvin Andrews says to be cautious if anyone asks to handle yard work at your home.

“Anyone approached by someone wanting to do yard work or tree service is asked to contact local law enforcement”, advised Sheriff Andrews. “Residents are asked not to go outside their home, and not to let anyone inside.

Anyone with any information about these cases can contact their local law enforcement agency. The Elberton Police Department can be reached at (706) 213-3130, and the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office can be contacted at (706) 283-2421.

Both scam cases are still currently under investigation.