Love, ETC Show Date Moved to Sunday

February 21, 2014

The make up date for the read-only production Love, ETC at the Elbert Theatre is set for this Sunday.

The production has been described as a variety show with an underlying romantic theme.

Read-only shows are not too common at the Elbert Theatre, but Theatre Director Toni King explains what exactly you can expect.

“It is a show that is read while you are watching the show, and it’s not a show that has memorized lines before hand and the actors recite their lines”, explains King. “They have a piece of paper in their hands and they are reading from the piece of paper, and that is why it is called a read play.”

Despite the cast reading from their respective scripts, King says it’s still going to be a very entertaining performance.

Again the make-up date for the show is Sunday, February 23rd at 2:30pm, at the Elbert Theatre.

Tickets are five dollars in advance, five dollars at the door, and tickets purchased for the original February 14th date are still valid.

If you would like more information about the show or want to purchase advance tickets, you can contact the Elbert Theatre Box Office via telephone at (706) 283-1049 or by email at [email protected]