MainStreet Movie Festival Coming up this Weekend

October 1, 2013

With fall well underway, Main Street Elberton is getting ready for their first of two scheduled October events.

The first of which will be held on this Saturday October 5th.

It’s being called an October movie festival, which will take place at the Elbert Theatre, where three different movies, Casper, Monster House, and Sleepy Hollow will all be shown.

Director of Community Affairs for the City of Elberton Tiffany Gibbons says each movie would be age appropriate.

“We like to encourage everybody to come out for that, of course each movie would be age appropriate for different kids, and of course the last movie, Sleepy Hollow, is for the big kids to watch”, said Gibbons.

The first movie, Casper, will be shown at 2:30pm that Saturday afternoon.

Cost per movie will be five dollars, and according to Gibbons, the concession stand inside of the Elbert Theatre will be open.

For more information about the movie festival, you can contact Elbert Theatre Director Toni King at (706) 283-1049.