Major General Jim Butterworth on 214th Deployment

February 19, 2013

The 214th Artillery Division is set to depart for a nine to twelve month deployment in Afghanistan this coming weekend.

Georgia National Guard Commander Major General Jim Butterworth certified the unit to be turned over to the United States Army last Wednesday to serve in Afghanistan.

Despite the United States drawing back forces in the region, Butterworth said on Friday, that some units are still being deployed to the area.

“As we draw down there are still families who have spouses, wives, sons, daughters, and husbands who are deployed in the war fight, and we have to remember them”, said Butterworth.

He then spoke about the amazing turnout for last Friday’s send off ceremony on Elberton’s downtown square.

He said that the support that was shown by the community will certainly help tide over those who have to send family members overseas.

“This turnout is amazing, it really is a blessing to the families who will now send their soldiers off to combat, and they will have this to keep them and tide the over, and that is truly a blessing”, said Butterworth.

Of the nearly two hundred and fifty troops in the 214th, only forty have been deployed before.

It will be the first deployment, in any capacity, for nearly two hundred troops.