Man Found Deceased Just Outside of Elbert Memorial Hospital on Sunday

May 28, 2014

It was an unusual morning for staff at Elbert Memorial Hospital from this past Sunday.

Elbert County EMS Director and Coroner Chuck Almond said around 6:00am that morning, that nursing staff noticed what appeared to be a suspicious vehicle near the hospital.

“That was running and had its brake lights on, and as they approached the vehicle, they called the police department to check what was going on with the individual inside the vehicle”, explained Almond. “When the police department arrived, there was a gentleman inside who was unresponsive, and that vehicle was secured.”

After being examined by the hospital’s emergency room physician, an ambulance, first responders, and more officers from the Elberton Police Department were called to the scene.

The driver, whose name is not being released, was pronounced dead inside of the vehicle.

Almond says the driver was not a patient at Elbert Memorial, and it appeared that he had tried to drive himself to the hospital.

The coroner’s report determined the cause of death to be natural causes, and no foul play is suspected.