McCall Secures Another Term from Georgia’s 33rd District

November 7, 2012

Next, we are covering the race for Georgia’s 33rd District State Representative Seat between Elbert County’s Tom McCall and Madison County native David Vogel.

Georgia’s 33rd District covers Elbert, Madison, Wilkes, Lincoln, and Columbia counties.

First, here in Elbert County Tom McCall brought in a total of 5,518 total votes county wide, compared to Vogel’s 2,365. Vogel took in 30% of the total vote, compared to McCall’s whopping 70%.

District wide, McCall won comfortably with similar margins of victory across the board. Total district numbers had McCall claiming 72% or 15,578 total votes in the district, to Vogel’s 28% or 6,150 votes.

McCall said in a statement last night, that he looks forward to continuing to represent Georgia’s 33rd District.

“Well first off I would just like to say I appreciate everyone who voted for me, and everyone who helped me”, expressed McCall. “I would just like to say thank you for giving me the continued support, and I hope we can continue to do good things for this county and this area. I really appreciate everything that everybody as done.”

McCall will serve for another two years before having to run for election again, should he choose.