Medical Cannabis Bill Has Good Chance to Pass in State House of Representatives

February 4, 2014

A new piece of proposed legislation is gaining more and more support at the state’s capital.

House Bill 885 is a medical cannabis bill, also being called Hailey’s Law.

District 33 State Representative Tom McCall says not to get too worked up about it.

“Its not smoking marijuana, it is an oil that is orally administered, and it specifically helps with preventing seizures in children better than any chemically derived medicine that is out there right now”, said McCall. “It was found mistakenly through a kind of plant that does not have the THC, which is what gets you high.”

According to McCall, the effectiveness of seizure prevention from the medicine is between 85-90 percent.

McCall says if the passing of this legislation is a step closer to preventing seizures in children, then this is something that has to be done.

“When the good Lord made this world, he didn’t leave anything out to fix anything, we just aren’t smart enough right now to figure it all out yet, and if this is one step in that direction, then so be it”, expressed McCall. “Anybody that would argue the fact that this is wrong has never held their child as they were seizing with nothing you could do but let them seize, and if this will stop that kind of stuff then we need to do it.”

McCall said he does not know how the potential approval of this piece of legislation will translate to an expanded use of medicinal marijuana in Georgia.

When asked about the likelihood of the bill being passed in the Georgia House of Representatives, McCall said he was very confident that the legislation will indeed be approved by the House.