Michelin Announces Starr, SC Plant Expansion Project

January 25, 2013

UPDATED 11:15am 1/25/2013

Michelin North America announced yesterday a $200 million major expansion of its Starr, S.C., manufacturing plant.

The company expects the investment to create more than 100 new jobs.

The news is the latest in a string of major manufacturing commitments made by Michelin in the past 21 months.

Together, these projects represent a $1.15 billion investment by Michelin in South Carolina and the creation of at least 870 new manufacturing jobs in the state.

Anderson County Council Chairman Francis Crowder says that the company is also looking into future facilities in the county.

“They also stated that there were future plans in Anderson County depending on the future of the economic and the fiscal cliff situation in Washington, so that makes all of this even more exciting”, said Crowder.

Construction is underway on the Starr plant expansion, which will be adjacent to the current facility.

Also nearby is Michelin’s previously announced Earthmover tire plant that is being built and scheduled to begin producing tires later this year.

Michelin said operations will begin at the expansion in 2014 and will supply material for tire production in North America, helping meet heightened overall production demands.

Crowder says that many entities in the county have come together to make this a good relationship with Michelin.

“We appreciate the good work that our economic development people have done”, said Crowder. “We are thankful for the partnership we have with the city and chamber of commerce, as well as other business oriented groups in the county that make this relationship work with Michelin.”

Michelin is South Carolina’s largest manufacturing employer.

Nearly 9,000 of Michelin’s 22,000 employees in North America will be located in South Carolina when all the construction is complete.

Nine of Michelin North America’s 18 production facilities are located in the state.