Mohawk Industries Plant to Close September 25th

September 13, 2012

As many may already know, the Mohawk Industries plant in Calhoun Falls, South Carolina announced that it was closing sometime in September back in late July.

As it stands right now, the projected date for the plant’s closure will be on September 25th, and when that day comes, nearly two hundred people will be out of a job in Abbeville County.

Jerry Hendrix, who is the Senior Director of Human Resources for Mohawk Industries, said that “Closing Calhoun Falls is necessary due to changes in our business. Because we respect and value the exceptional men and women at Calhoun Falls, we explored every option before making the decision.”

At last check Abbeville County’s unemployment rate was at 10.9% according to the July jobs report. The loss of nearly two hundred jobs is expected to cause the rate to increase.

Mohawk Industries supplies flooring for both residential and commercial applications, including carpet, ceramic tile, wood, stone, laminate, vinyl, rugs, and other home products.