More Debate in Calhoun Falls on Blue Hole Project

January 30, 2013

The town of Calhoun Falls lands some new park related equipment for the town’s Blue Hole Project.

The green light was given to the town to acquire numerous items from Mountain View State Park, which is being closed down.

Some of the items that the town is receiving include granite picnic tables, wooden prep tables, shelters, playground equipment, and bathroom fixtures. The fixtures are to serve as a back up to the facilities currently in place out at the Blue Hole.

Debate would follow after Tuck Hanna, member of the Calhoun Falls economic development team, finished his report. He said in order to save money; he tried to see if town employees would be able to relocate the equipment to a storage area in the town.

“We tried to do that and they just could not work it in”, said Hanna. “There have been a few water line breaks over the last several weeks, and they just couldn’t work it in, so we just decided to go ahead and contract that work out.”

Hanna opened the project up to bids, and received several. The low bid to transport the equipment from Mountain View to Calhoun Falls came in at $9,500. Councilman Charlie Tillman felt the council was blind sided by the move.

“It’s not right to go out and bid work and no body knows nothing”, said Tillman. “Each one of us council members got boxes in there, so there needs to be more effort made to let us know stuff in advance, so we don’t come to these meetings and get hit with all this stuff at once. I would like a memo to be placed in my box.”

Tillman even went as far as to suggest that obtaining the equipment may have been a waste of money.

“When you talk about storing this equipment you might run into problems like having termites get into the equipment, it might not be no good, and who knows what kind of work we might have to do on it, so we are gonna spend nine thousand dollars to just let some stuff lay around”, said Tillman.

Acquiring the equipment itself had no direct costs to the town, but money will be taken out of the Blue Hole project fund to pay for the transport.