More Details on Last Week’s Fatal Accidential Shooting of a 15-Year-Old

May 29, 2014

The investigation into an accidental shooting that occurred last Thursday on May 22nd is still on-going.

According to Lt. Jimmy Patton with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, a father and son were putting their boat into the Broad River on the Madison County side of the broad river just off of Highway 72 near the Elbert County line.

Patton says it appears that as the father and son were putting their boat into the water, a rifle slung across the father’s back discharged and the bullet struck the 15-year-old juvenile, fatally wounding him.

Several witnesses were able to corroborate the incident, according to Patton.

Patton says it is still unknown if the trigger of the rifle snagged on something, the rifle hit something, or if there was a possible malfunction with the firearm.

At this time there does not appear to be any criminal charges filed against the father, and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office still has yet to officially release the victim’s name.

The investigation, says Patton, will continue until the crime lab has had time to process everything, which he says could be several weeks.