More Steps Taken by Bowman Council Regarding Abandoned/Dilapidated Properties

March 26, 2014

The ball could be rolling as soon as next month when it comes to dealing with abandoned or dilapidated properties in the city of Bowman.

During the Bowman City Council’s regular meeting Monday, more discussion took place regarding the issue of abandoned properties.

City Attorney Douglas Kidd explained that he has drafted a letter that will be sent to all those whose properties are in dire shape.

“That would be informing the property owner that they have thirty days to clean up the property, and if they didn’t then the city would have to file a petition”, explained Kidd.

One key tool the city lacks right now is a code enforcement officer or a certified building inspector, which Attorney Kidd says would be required before moving forward with a lien or lawsuit on any property.

“We will need somebody from the city or the county, if the county would be willing to spare someone to come look at these properties, but we do need an opinion from a health inspector as to what are the hazardous conditions on the property”, said Kidd.

Any potential letters that would be sent out must list the reasons for the city’s action being taken, which is the reason a code enforcement officer is required.

Bowman Mayor Pete Gibbons during the meeting said he would contact officials with the Elbert County government, and see if they would be willing to lend some help to the city regarding the issue.