Narcotics Anonymous Allowed to Use Bowman City Library for Meetings

September 25, 2012

The Bowman Narcotics Anonymous group has a new place to hold their meetings after last night’s city council meeting.

Curtis Veal, who runs most of the meetings, came before the council last night asking for a new place for their group to meet. For the last eight and a half years the group has met at Bowman Baptist Church.

Veal wanted to move the meeting place from the church, but also wanted to keep it in Bowman. City Councilman Pete Gibbons said it would be in the city’s best interest to allow the group to use a city building.

“Instead of giving them a helping hand, we would be unleashing them on our community to keep doing trouble. We need to get them clean before a burglary or any kind of related crime can happen. We need to do the right thing”, said Councilman Gibbons.

The group averages between six and twelve people each Monday night that a group meeting is held.

The Bowman City Council has agreed to let the group use the city’s library, which is located at Bowman city hall.

Veal predicts that changes in Georgia law will require more mandates for drug offenders to have to attend these types of meetings.