Nearly Five Acres of Land Transferred Over to EC School Board

April 8, 2014

The Elbert County Board of Education now owns roughly five more acres of land in Elbert County.

That was the case after a called meeting yesterday afternoon by the Elbert County Board of Commissioners in which the lone item was to deed over about five acres of surplus land to the Elbert County Board of Education.

Elbert County Attorney Bill Daughtry said the county had gone through with all of the correct proceedings, and that the called meeting was only a formality.

Daughtry explained that the school board was seeking bonded indebtedness for the property, and was expediting the process, hence Monday’s called meeting.

“Their bond attorney required we have a public hearing, and it is a strange ordinance, because it requires the public hearing be held at the site, which the high school was the closest site”, explained Daughtry. “It also required that one representative from the county be there, in which Tommy Lyon, Bob Thomas, and myself were there.”

Wasting no time yesterday, the commission approved the motion to transfer the property over with a unanimous vote, and motioned for adjournment, all within five short minutes.