New Changes in Effect for City of Elberton Recycling Program

July 5, 2013

New changes have gone into effect for the City of Elberton’s recycling and pick up service.

The old system of once a week pick up across the entire city is being done away with, as is the method of putting all recyclables in the blue containers.

Alan Hulme, Director of Administrative Services for the City of Elberton, explains the changes that have been made to the program.

“The change has been made where we pick recyclables up every other week”, said Hulme. “Also, instead of the blue containers, we now have color coded baggies to put the recyclables in, that way they are already sorted once they are at the streets.”

Each bag that was provided will hold a different type of recyclable material.

Everything east of Oliver Street will be picked up on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, and the west side will be picked up on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.

Hulme mentions some items that aren’t able to be recycled, so it’s important that they not be mixed in with any of the other products.

“The main thing is to not include stuff that is not recyclable such as bubble wrap, plastic bags, pottery, light bulbs, and things like that are not currently accepted by the recycling center”, said Hulme. “But any type of newspapers, books, computer paper, junk mail, or boxes are recyclable.”

He says for the more serious recyclers in the city, that you can drop anything off Monday through Friday at the recycle center.

These new changes are effective as of July 1st.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the recent changes are encouraged to contact the city at (706) 213-3180.