New Changes in Place at the Elberton Police Department

August 21, 2013

New changes are now in effect at the Elberton Police Department.

Elberton Police Chief Mark Welsh explains the type of change that is taking place.

“The department is going to be organized into a more streamlined and efficient command structure”, said Chief Welsh. “We are going to take a fairly wide and flat structure and streamlining it into two divisions.”

The first of the two will be the Administrative Division, which will be overseen by Tamekia Downer who will now hold the title of Office Manager.

The Operations Division is the second half of the new command structure, which will be commanded by Mike Seymour, who leaves his Chief Investigator Spot.

Chief Welsh explains what falls under the Operations Division.

“That will oversee the uniform patrol section, criminal investigation section, special operations officer, and also the animal control function that the Elberton Police Department has”, said Chief Welsh.

Other changes that were made recently include Major Allen Lee being moved to the position of Elberton City Marshall, while former City Marshall Jeff Algood, assumes the Chief Investigator position, left vacant by Mike Seymour.

Chief Welsh says the changes are expected to better utilize the staff in the employ of the Elberton Police Department.

“The reason for this is that we want to me more streamlined and efficient in what we do, and to move people around so that their talents can be better utilized”, explained Chief Welsh. “We hope these changes can help us serve the people better.”

The new command structure officially went into effect on Monday, August 19th.