New Emergency Room Service Provider Set to Take Over at Elbert Memorial

February 27, 2014

Dramatic changes are coming to the Emergency Department at Elbert Memorial Hospital.

That information coming out of Tuesday night’s Hospital Authority meeting.

New emergency room staff will be taking over towards the end of April, according to Elbert Memorial CEO Jim Yarborough.

Hospital MD Leaders will be the new ER physician contracted service provider, who will take over for EmCare, who has been providing the ER service at Elbert Memorial since 2002.

He says all the current doctors in the ER, once the new contract goes into effect, will no longer practice at Elbert Memorial.

“We’re very excited, as you may know, all the physicians in the ER will be new doctors, and the company that is here now, their services will terminate”, said Yarborough. “All the physicians that are currently practicing in our ER will no longer be apart of the contracted service.”

Yarborough says the hospital is hoping that this transition will help improve the overall quality of service and help with the public’s perception of the hospital’s emergency department.

“We’re very optimistic about this chance, and hopefully we’re going to be improving the overall quality of the services we are offering”, said Yarborough. “We’re excited more or less about getting a new start with a new company so we can hopefully overcome some of the issues in the past, and hopefully the public will see and sense that when they come to our ER in the future.”

Hospital MD will be on site early next week at Elbert Memorial preparing for the transition, which Yarborough says will take place either on April 30th or May 1st of this year.