New Georgia Immigration Law Begins to Impact Local Governments

October 8, 2012

Georgia’s Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act, which was passed back in 2011, is beginning to have an impact on local governments.

Elberton City Manager Lanier Dunn said the new act is supposed to help crack down on illegal citizens receiving public benefits.

“It is requiring local governments including cities and counties to do new things to help prevent illegal persons from getting public benefits”, said City Manager Lanier Dunn.

A main item that the act will impact is the purchase or renewal of a business license. Those applying or renewing will have to provide a copy of an approved government ID, an affidavit confirming citizenship, and a new form that has to be filled out and notarized.

Dunn said it is just more red tape for the city to have to navigate through.

“These are simple things, but the paperwork and red tape part of it is going to add time and costs to filing for a new business license or renewal of a business license”, said Dunn.

Employers with more than one hundred employees have to participate in the federal government’s e-verify program, which confirms the citizenship of each employee.

In 2013, if a business has more than ten employees, they will also have to participate in e-verify.