New Georgia State Patrol Post Coming to Hart County

April 17, 2013

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


A new Georgia State Patrol Post will be going up soon in Hart County near I-85.

Last Wednesday, the Georgia Board of Public Safety announced it has signed off on discussions to begin between the GSP and the Hart County Board of Commissioners.

The new post in the Gateway Two Industrial Park off SR77 at Exit 177 will be designated GSP Post 52 and will be an additional post in the area to the Toccoa Post in Stephens County.

The location at Exit 177 on I-85 will provide troopers with easy access to the Interstate when responding to calls and also to motorists who need assistance from the state patrol.

County administrator Jon Caime said having law enforcement there provides extra security for the community in that part of Hart County.

It’s a bit of distance from the Sheriff in Hartwell, so there’s not much protection in that area,” Caime said. “So this will provide constant protection in that area.”

According to Caime, the county will lease the land for Post 52 to the state.

Caime says the building itself will be constructed using prison labor, but will be paid for by the county.

“We’re doing the architectural and engineering work now,” Caime said. “The county will be doing the site work. So, probably about two months on the design and the engineering work that’s required and then probably another two more months in getting the site work done,” he said.

Hart County plans to use about $600,000 from their SPLOST funds to pay for construction.

Colonel Mark W. McDonough, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety and Georgia State Patrol Commander said the assigned counties for the new patrol post will be determined later this year.