New Intergovernmental Agreement in Place Between Elberton and Elbert County

September 24, 2012

The City of Elberton and Elbert County agree to re-up with a new intergovernmental agreement, which will go into effect on July 1st, 2013.

Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas said this new agreement clearly defines how the county is to take care of the city’s inmates.

“Currently it is not spelled out, and we are currently paying for transport to and from medical facilities”, said Thomas. “We have been paying for the hospital associated bill and prescription drugs. That is now clearly spelled out that the city of Elberton will pay for that, and they have agreed to that.”

Commissioner Kenneth Ashworth was in disagreement about how much the county should pay per inmate.

“It costs almost forty dollars per inmate per day. That is what the cost is, and that is why I was saying we should split the difference with them”, said Ashworth.

In the new agreement, the county pays more per inmate, but no longer has to cover the medical expenses that come with Elberton’s inmates. Thomas said that the relief of covering medical expenses will balance out.

“I think with the medical charges that will be off of us and onto them, and with the fiber optic discount the city is offering, I think that will was out”, said Thomas.

Also included in the agreement was for the county to handle 9-1-1 Dispatch Services for the city as well.

The board of commissioners approved the new agreement with a 4-1 vote, with Commissioner Kenneth Ashworth voting in opposition.

The Elberton City Council has to accept the new agreement before it becomes official.