New Numbers Out on Teen Pregnancy and STD Rates in Elbert County

September 20, 2012

Having sex doesn’t lead to positive results for teens in Elbert County.

According to Teen Matters, to date in 2012, 26 pregnancy tests and 32 STD tests have turned out positive in Elbert County.

The more shocking numbers, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on the national level, young people, ages 15 to 24 have 4 times the reported gonorrhea and Chlamydia rate of any other age group.

As of 2010 there has been 1. 3 million total cases of Chlamydia reported in the US, and over 14,000 cases have been reported in ages 10-14. In Elbert County the reported cases of Chlamydia and gonorrhea combined have turned out with more positive cases of STD than any others combined.

The financial impact that teen pregnancies cause is also high, the state of Georgia pays $ 465 million dollars every year and 57% of all births are funded by Medicaid.

Teens do not realize how much their lives could change by making one choice, and that is where parents are advised to talk to their teenagers , spend time with them, and give them good advice. If you are a parent of a pregnant teen or if you are a pregnant teen and need advice, contact Teen Matters at 706-283-3775.