New Restuarant Opens Up in Elberton

March 26, 2013

Members of the Elbert County Chamber and JD’s Staff at yesterday’s ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Elbert County Chamber of Commerce welcomed in a new restaurant in Elbert County yesterday morning with a special ribbon cutting ceremony.

JD’s Pizza, Wings, and BBQ opened their doors for the first time this past Thursday located right beside Bodyplex on the Calhoun Falls Highway.

Hector Santiago is the owner of the restaurant and talks about what led him to that location.

“The ball park had a lot to do with it since the stuff we sell is family friendly foods; plus the gym is health conscious”, said Santiago. “Our food is not loaded with grease or fat, so this location is perfect for what we are trying to do.”

The name JD’s originates from the initials of Santiago’s children; Jamie his son, and his daughter Dessie Lee.

Prior to opening, Santiago and his wife operated the deli at the Stop and Shop store located off of the Bowman Highway.

JD’s prides itself on not frying any of the foods that they serve to customers, and the most popular item on their menu?

“Our hot wings are the most popular thing, because we have a party size of 25 wings for $12.99, and they are baked”, said Santiago. “You would never be able to tell they were baked instead of fried. Its really good for you and it tastes really good.”

JD’s serves both breakfast and lunch, and soon will offer delivery service to residents in Elbert County.