New Scam Reported in Elbert County

January 29, 2013

A couple of Elbert County residents were the victims of a scam that has surfaced in the county.

According to reports from the Elberton Police Department and the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, a white male supposedly in his 50’s, has been posing as a tree removal subcontractor.

The man convinced both victims to come out of their homes to discuss the property, while talking with the man both victims in their statements, said that he was constantly answering calls to his cell phone.

Captain Darrin Rucker of the Elberton Police Department said one of the victims picked up that something wasn’t right.

“I guess what puzzled her was that the tree person wanted to take down, trim, and clean up the tree for free”, said Rucker. “That’s when she asked if the man worked for the city, and he said no that we was a sub-contractor.”

When the victims returned inside their homes, they noticed some items and cash missing from inside the residence.

Investigators believe that more than one person is involved with these incidents.

Elbert County Sheriff Melvin Andrews says to be wary of anyone asking to handle yard work at your residence.

“Anyone approached by someone wanting to do yard work or tree service is asked to contact local law enforcement”, advised Sheriff Andrews. “Residents are asked not to go outside their home, and not to let anyone inside.”

Both incidents are still currently being investigated by the Elberton Police Department and Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.

To report incidents similar to this one you can contact the Elberton Police Department at (706) 213-3130 or the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 283-2421. In emergency situations always dial 9-1-1.