North Georgia Tech Students Asked to be Alert After Possible Security Breach

November 1, 2013

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


Maybe not the way some college students wanted to start off the month of November, as North Georgia Technical College is advising some students to keep a close eye on their credit reports – that after one of their student data bases may have been breached.

According to college spokesperson Sandra Maughon, the school was recently contacted by the FBI about a hacking attempt.

“A few months back our IT department was contacted about a security issue with specific software they were using,” Maughon said. “They followed the instructions for how to fix the patch and we thought it was taken care of. But last month, we got a call from the FBI saying that they think that it’s possible that our system was actually breached.”

Maughon said the FBI said they could not tell if the college’s security system had actually been hacked, but advised them to notify students anyway.

Maughon said the database that may have been compromised did not contain students’ bank records or credit card information, but did list addresses and social security numbers for enrolled students.

“We didn’t have any financial information in that database,” she said. “Students just need to check their credit reports because if they were a student enrolled in classes, then it’s possible that their grades are in there or their social security numbers.  If they were a continuing education student then there’s nothing in there to steal their identity with.”

Maughon said the school sent out thousands of letters to students notifying them of the possible breach.

She said anyone with questions or concerns should contact her office at 706-754-7852.