Northeast Georgia Health System Dropped from United Healthcare Network

August 24, 2012

Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) announced yesterday that as of midnight on August 22, NGHS facilities and Northeast Georgia Physicians Group physicians have been dropped from the United Healthcare network. The current contract between NGHS and United expired with no new agreement in place.

In a press release from NGHS, Melissa Tymchuk, who is the director of Public Relations at NGHS said, “This is not what we wanted, and we worked very hard to avoid this outcome. After more than eight months of negotiations and multiple meetings leading up to the contract deadline, we were very surprised when United abruptly ended talks four hours before the deadline without finalizing a new agreement. We are hopeful United will change their position and decide to continue discussions with us that would bring us to a fair resolution.”

Patients with Medicare are not affected. It is important to note that emergency services are always covered at network benefit levels, even though NGHS is no longer a United network provider.

Certain patients may be granted in-network status by United because state law requires that their care be covered as an in-network benefit under Continuity of Care provisions. Patients who are hospitalized, pregnant or currently undergoing active treatment for an acute or chronic condition may qualify.

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