Not So Good a Chance at Winter Weather for Elbert County this Weekend

February 7, 2014

Since early this week, the chance of winter weather has diminished significantly for us here in Elbert County.

Early weather models had northeast Georgia poised to see more snow, but now the updated models are telling a different story.

Calling it a “forecaster’s nightmare”, State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey says the system is moving faster and is expected to move through the area on Saturday.

He explains what we can expect from the system.

“Right now it looks like mostly just light rain and a cold rain event in addition to pretty cloudy skies, and that is pretty much of the day Saturday, Saturday night, and even early Sunday morning”, said Murphey. “Don’t see a major winter precipitation event from this storm.”

However, he says there is a very slight chance of seeing some flurries mixed in with the rain at the tail end of the system.

According to Murphey, on the horizon is another storm expected to come through our area, but that wouldn’t be until the middle portion of next week as it stands now.

He says that system will be very similar to the one we will see this weekend.

Murphey suggests keep checking updates from the National Weather Service as they will provide constant notifications on changing weather conditions in our area.