Old Rock Gym in its Finishing touches

August 2, 2013

Progress is slowly but surely being made on the finishing touches at the Old Rock Gym.

According to Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas, nearly fifteen items were still on the punch list for the contractor to complete two and a half weeks ago.

Since that time, Thomas says that a majority of that work is finished.

“ I talked to the architect as recently as Monday and Tuesday of this week and probably 85 to 90% of the things that needed to be done have been done on that punch list. The contractor has to come back maybe 1 or 2 days and should have everything completed by then,” says Thomas.

Thomas points out a couple of the items that are left for the contractor to finish up.

“There’s a couple of spots there that have sort of buckled up just a little bit, some work has been done on those there not quite where they should be but that has to be done, and then there is one electrical grounding issue that has to be resolved and that can be done in no more than two days,” says Thomas.

He says that those issues are minor, and that the county should be able to close out the project before the commission’s August meeting.

By that time, said Thomas, the commission can begin to discuss and decide how to begin allowing public use of the property.