One More Public Hearing Left for County Commission

August 22, 2013

Two down, and one to go for public hearings relating to the county’s advertisement of a millage rate increase.

During the first hearing, County Commission Chair Tommy Lyon continued to focus on the importance of keeping the younger people working in Elbert County.

“We don’t like to have to do it this way, but we have searched every way to finance a building, and this is the only way we could do it”, said Lyon. “If we don’t create jobs, our younger people are going to move out and go where the jobs are.”

Speaking at the first hearing was Elbert County resident Hal Reynolds who feels that the burden is already as high as it can be on the taxpaying population of Elbert County.

“I feel like the major burden of taxes in Elbert County are coming for a relatively small group of people and I feel that burden is as high as it should be”, said Reynolds. “I remember during the political forum that two of the commissioners would only vote to raise taxes in an emergency, and in the context of the situation I don’t think this is an emergency like they answered that question to.”

During the night cap, another Elbert County resident, Earl Valentine, spoke to the ¼ mil increase for the county employees to get a pay bump.

“Ask all of the working employees in the private sector how long its been since they have had a raise, and how many private sector employees are out of work or laid off”, said Valentine. “Turn around and ask how many county employees have been laid off or lost their job, I bet you’d find the answer to be none.”

One more public hearing is scheduled before any vote can be taken on the potential millage rate increase, and that is set for August 29th at 6:00pm.

After that hearing, the board of commissioners is expected to move forward with a decision on whether or not to increase the millage rate.