One of the Wettest Years to this Point in a Long Time for Elbert County

October 2, 2013

Its official, so far this year, Elbert County is in the midst of one of its wettest year’s on record.

Current year to date numbers show that Elbert County has received 48.4 inches of rainfall in 2013, which according to State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey, is about 12.62 inches above the average amount.

That makes this time frame the 9th wettest on record for the county.

He says that is good news for Elbert County and the Northeast Georgia area as a whole.

“There was a good surplus during the summer and spring during the recharge part of the year we had after we pulled out of the drought”, he said.

Murphey also says the Climate Prediction Center has given Elbert County and Northeast Georgia an equal chance of normal, above normal, and below normal rainfall for the remainder of the year.

He however, is expecting our area to lean more towards the dryer side.

“That should be held pretty much to the dryer side in terms of being in the fall going into the winter”, explained Murphy. “We still have to make through the tropical season, and the Atlantic Basin and Gulf of Mexico still have some warm waters, so we may not be out of the woods yet in terms of tropical systems.”

Another interesting piece of data, Elbert County was the 5th coolest county in terms of temperature across the state, with average temperature of 72.5 degrees during the summer months.