“One Way to Thursday” Street Dance Series Concluded

October 19, 2012

The second “One Way to Thursday” Street Dance on McIntosh Street was held last night.

Elberton Main Street Director Sissie Herring said the crowd was smaller than expected, but that it was a fun crowd.

“It was a small crowd; we had about a hundred people on one way street for Borderline. They are so talented and they were wonderful”, said Herring. “Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and we even had a few people get up and dance. It was a great night on the downtown square.”

Herring said that based on the turnout for the two street dances, she is not certain about them becoming more common, but that she would think about it.

“One thing I love is cooler weather, so if we do it again it will be in the spring or fall. I will have to think about the turnouts we have had and the costs that are involved. Everyone that came out had a great time, so it is something we will think about for sure”, said Herring.

The next big event coming up for Main Street Elberton will be their annual Candlelight Shopping night on the downtown square in Elberton.