One Year Update on AnMed/Elbert Memorial Affiliation Given at Rotary Luncheon

March 6, 2014

It’s been almost exactly a year since the affiliation agreement between AnMed Health and Elbert Memorial was finalized.

Speaking at the Elberton Rotary Club’s weekly luncheon, AnMed’s Executive Vice President for Network Operations and Affiliated Services Garrick Chidester gave a quick overview of the first year of the affiliation.

He touched on AnMed’s recruitment efforts to bring new physicians to Elberton, pointing out the addition of Dr. Allison Venturella, an OBGYN doctor, and the current recruitment of a new doctor to practice at the medical center, hopefully coming sometime this summer.

Chidester also talked about the exciting news of a new emergency room staff getting ready to take over the ER at Elbert Memorial.

“Its always been a source of debate in this community, I think a lot of effort was put in by Jim and his group to bring in a new emergency room team, that is exciting news”, said Chidester.

He then took questions from those in attendance at the luncheon, and the issue of the rejection of Medicaid funding by Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina was brought up, and Chidester said the lack of extra funding is going to have an impact.

“I think that’s been a serious impact on all the organizations to reject that funding. You can have your debates about why or how it was rejected, but that funding is critical right now to provide services to the people in this community and in the Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina area as all those states have refused funding”, said Chidester.

Also touched upon was the possibility of building improvements to Elbert Memorial Hospital, which Chidester said is constantly being assessed.

“It’s a building that is past its prime, there is no question about it. Trying to invest a lot of money into that facility is a difficult decision to make, and we are just going to have to assess that, and Jim’s team is looking into that for the future”, explained Chidester.

Closing out his initial presentation, Chidester said that AnMed is a partner and will help all they can, but that they need help from the community, and that they look forward to being successful in the future.