Opening Night for The 39 Steps at the Elbert Theatre

April 12, 2013

The second show of Encore Productions’ 2013 theatre season opens tonight!

Tickets for The 39 Steps are ten dollars in advance, and will be fifteen dollars at the door. Tickets are available for eight dollars for students or groups of ten or more.

The play begins this evening 7:30pm. Two more shows follow tomorrow and on Sunday, both of those will start at 2:00pm.

Starring in the play are Trey Rutherford, Samantha Stratton, Gunnar Hartley, and Drew Lunceford

Elbert Theatre Director Toni King is directing the show, and talks about what audience members can expect.

“The show is a comedy and a spy-thriller mixed together, and it is an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, The 39 Steps, which was not a comedy at all”, said King. “We take all of those elements of the thriller and put them in with the funny stuff, mix it all together, and we get our spoof.”

For more information about the show, or to purchase tickets contact Toni King at the Elbert Theatre Box Office at (706) 283-1049, or swing by their location at Elberton City Hall.